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Black Oxide

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Before & After

A side by side view of the before and after of our buffed black oxide/bluing finish

Abrasive blasted Parts

This is an example of the surface finish using our abrasive blast cabinet. Sorry... I don't have an after blackened pic. See the satin finish on our sample parts.

Misc Parts

Parts that do not have tight tolerancing on our processed in baskets such as this. High tolerance parts are individually wired to prevent damage.

Completely Refinished Shotgun

This gun was refinished by us. All wood and metal was done.After all prep work was done... a fresh coat of black oxide and a new stain and poly spray applied to the wood.

Shotgun Barrel closeup

A close up of the shotgun barrel shows the polished finish and how the black oxide finish gets into every crevice and crack possible.

Before & After of Shotgun

Don't know if you can see it very well... but notice how much darker the new black oxide finish is.

Shotgun Reciever close up

A better view of the shotgun reciever.... before and after. I like the after much better. How 'bout you?

Revolver reloading tool (aka Moonsetter)

This is a pic of a reloading tool that we blackened for a customer in Louisianna. He chose us due to the extra mile (more like miles) we went to get him an acceptable price. Shipping was the kicker, but we found a good price and got the job. This was a fun one that we hope to get more of. We custom made a rack that we ran about 6-700 pieces in one batch.

Guns on a Rack

We refinished these guns completely also. These were personal guns that we re-blackened and re-stained including disassembly and assembly. All 3 turned out beautiful. (Note: we do not disassemble guns for customers yet. Not that we can't do it... it is mainly a liability concern. We are thinking about taking a few courses on gunsmithing. If you might have a need for us to be a gunsmith let us know. We could be persuaded to speed up the process taking a course if there is enough interest.)

Black oxide on sprokets

A couple of sprockets that we blackened for a customer. Quality black oxide as usual from us at BlackCote.

Single Shot Shotgun

Another gun that we think turned out great. I love the contrast between the wood and the metal.


This is just a pic of our samples that we made to show customers the difference between polished and abrasive blasted finishes. I personally like polished finishes. But that can get quite expensive depending on what it's done on.

Blackened Brackets

Small brackets that we blackened for a customer.Shows you a samble of what our finish looks like.


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